SRF and YSS Literature on Parenting


SRF and YSS Yogoda - How to live lessons
  • Relation between parents and children - YSS Lesson 153
  • Success Through Will Power - YSS Lesson 143
  • Scientific Techniques and Principles: Quickening Human Evolution - YSS Lesson 123

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Booklet: “The Skilled Profession of Child-rearing”

Author: Sri Daya Mata

Child rearing Booklet by Sri Daya Mata of Self Realization Fellowship

Compiled from lectures of Sri Daya Mata in which questions about child-rearing were asked, this must-read booklet consists of invaluable advice for SRF YSS parents to bring up children of the 21st century.

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Yogananda on Parenting

Yogananda on parenting and child rearing

Except in the lessons, Yoganandaji’s guidance on parenting is scattered all over his writings. These two articles on this website collates most of his spoken words on parenting:

Article: “Meditating with Children”

From: SRF YSS magazine

Child rearing Booklet by Sri Daya Mata

This article, written by an experienced Sunday School teacher, contains everything that an SRF YSS parent would need to teach meditation to their children.

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Article: “The Art of Spiritual Parenting”

From: SRF YSS magazine

Child rearing Booklet by Sri Daya Mata

This article contains valuable guidance on spiritual parenting.

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