Spiritual Activities

These are few of the spiritual activities from SRF YSS camps and classes which are taken from the article 14 SRF YSS camps’ Spiritual Activities to do at home. Apart from spiritual development, it is a great way to keep children busy and away from gadgets.

Make decorative photo frames

Children who already have some connection with Yoganandaji will love this activity.

Children making frames for Master's photo
How lovely! This helps in building relationship with the Guru.

Similar frames can be created for pictures of Krishna and Jesus.

Altar decoration

Altar decoration can be a great devotional activity for children.

Floral Decoration
YSS camp students making floral decorations for the altar
Floral Decoration
Notice the altar at the back

Make posters

Following posters were made by SRF camp children in the camp in which the theme of the camp was ‘Courage’. The words on the posters are from the chant on ‘courage’, titled ‘None can tone me’. It is a chant that was originally composed by Swami Ram Tirtha and recomposed by Yogananda for western audiance.

Lovely posters by the children on the Cosmic Chant "None can tone me"
Another one from the same chant

This activity will actually serve its purpose if the child understands the meaning of the chant or affirmation that he is working on. It is even better if he has listened to the chant a few times.

Selected Parenting Tips

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